the work is in front of us…

when i read this quote, what comes to mind is – the work is in front of us.

where do we love? here.

when do we love? now.

who do we love? everyone.

what do we love? everything.

why do we love? there is need, we are called to do so, it is a full embodying of who and what we are, and fulfillment of our life here.

also, this idea of working with what is in front of us, whatever the situation, whatever we are experiencing, is fundamental to a practice of mindfulness awareness and lovingkindness. our life, our body, our mind, our experiences, our relationships are the ingredients we need to wake up, to open our hearts, to find clarity and balance within our minds.

may we do so.



#RightHere #RightNow #presence #OpenHeart #clarity #mindfulness #awareness #lovingkindness #path #practice #EngagedBuddhist #JinpaLhaga

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