self preservation at all costs harms everyone…

my response to a recent tweet from a particular GOP Representative who is proudly MAGA. this person stated that when things don’t change people lose hope and turn to self preservation – which set apart from this person’s actions may be a valid point.

however, the irony is that this person regularly promotes division, individualism and self preservation as self and nation at all costs, pitting one side against the other.

of course they won’t read it and it won’t likely change the way they think or those who are all in on them or Trump, or such ideology no matter what.

that’s not really the point. it’s a reminder for myself, and the rest of us who may be open to such a view. 

may hearts and minds open and be at ease, taking refuge in love.



#individualism #delusion #fear #desperation #division #harm #interdependence #community #empathy #compassion #love #protection #path #practice #hope #EngagedBuddhist #JinpaLhaga

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