today’s SCOTUS ruling is about power and control…

the twilight moment has passed. the darkness is here.

today’s ruling is about power and control, about imposing minority personal and religious beliefs upon others. it isn’t about life, this isn’t a movement of love. if it were, it would include poverty, homelessness, healthcare, living wages, and education. it would include the life of the woman and her bodily autonomy, it would include the incarcerated, the life of the refugee, the life of the animals tortured in factory farming, species dying off due to climate change. it would be about war and profiting from war. many who call themselves “pro-life” would do well to take a step back and deeply contemplate what being “pro-life” really means. 

it is also clear that this desire and obsession to control and impose doesn’t stop here. Judge Thomas’ concurrent statement clearly airs the intention of this and rulings to come. contraception, same-sex relationships and marriages, and perhaps more rights, are next.

it is important to recognize that today’s decision brings trauma and harm. my heart breaks in this dark time. my heart is with you today, my sisters, and all affected by today’s decision. my heart is with all of us filled with palpable concern, worry, and fear within LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. i stand in solidarity with you, with us, and will stand, speak, and engage this day and in all the days to come.

we must not despair. the success of their cruelty depends on our loss of hope. we must hold the sadness and anger with the tenderness and fierceness of our love. we must put this love into action. that’s where hope lives, in the good and beneficial, tireless, persistent, fiercely compassionate work of people who refuse to stop loving.

let’s get out the vote. 80 million eligible voters sit out on elections. this year’s midterm elections are vital. also, let’s donate to organizations that assist in covering travel costs to those seeking safe abortion and reproductive care.

may open hearts and sane minds prevail in this time.



#SCOTUS #RoeVsWade #life #choice #ReproductiveRights #liberty #equality #democracy #vote #engage #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga #WilliamODouglasQuotes

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