grateful to see some friends joined the #MarchForOurLives event today! 

i was planning to attend as well, as i had 4 years ago in 2018, but was thrown a curveball this week when after two years, Covid finally visited the Waller house. all are doing well, most have gratefully evaded it so far. grateful for a weaker variant, vaccines and boosters, and therapeutics! feeling quite fortunate.
have loved seeing some of the signs from the march. in a spirit of solidarity with March For Our Lives, the desperate need for sensible #GunReform, and with all those who participated today, i’m sharing some pics from my experience with the 2018 march.

may open hearts and sanity prevail.

may we rise above this crisis to choose life over guns of war.


#OpenHeart #sanity #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga #JMWart

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