Happy LGBTQ+ Pride Month!

Happy LGBTQ+ Pride Month!


to authentically be who we are in this life, to be able to authentically express our embodiment of life and love in this life, is our greatest gift to the world. living fully our embodiment of the beautiful diversity of life is a gift to the world. beautiful Buddhas awakening. it helps the world to learn to open its heart, to love better, to love fuller without exceptions without discrimination.

and where there is discrimination, where there is bigotry, fear, anger, hate – this is where our work is. the narrow road of hate and discrimination arises out of ignorance and fear, which gives rise to anger and eventually to hate, all of which adds the the suffering in this world – even for the one who hates.

may life and love continue to flower in all of its beautiful diverse ways for a world in need of learning love. 

this call to embodied life and love, this wish for opening and loving without discrimination, perhaps is even more important than it has been in many years. let us ground ourselves in love and move from love, even as others move from fear and hate.



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