love doesn’t sit out…

the tendency is to close up, to shut down, to become hardened and firm, or to run away and stick our head in the sand.

but who benefits when we avoid the pain and the suffering we see? 

if we want to better this world, we need more people willing to be IN this world as aware, attentive, open, tender and caring people. people willing to be engaged, willing to speak up, and willing to take action from a place of fierce compassion.

to do this, we can practice in this way, we can approach life in the way this quote prescribes: we can first acknowledge, then allow space to feel, and the allow what we feel to soften us. 

being soft, means being in touch with our open, tender heart. it means being in a place of love. there is no better place, no greater power to act from. and act we must, because love doesn’t sit out. 



#harm #suffering #awareness #attention #OpenHeart #love #compassion #EngagedBuddhism #path #practice #JinpaLhaga #GilFronsdalQuotes

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