open the heart to all that is…

can we be with ourselves, others, and life as it is in this moment with an open heart and stable mind? can we allow enough space in our life and relationships to look deeply and respond in a genuine, thoughtful, and tender way? 

a beneficial spiritual practice, a beneficial human practice, is one where we can be authentic and kind.

when we practice meditation, this is what we are practicing. we are practicing being with ourselves, in an open and authentic way, not pushing away or grasping at how we are feeling, or with what arises in sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc. we do this with the breath as our anchor and with gentleness as our companion, without judgement or criticism.



if you’d like to practice with me this weekend, please join for Self-Care Saturday at 10am PTfor mindfulness awareness and lovingkindness meditation. 

*there will be NO session on Sunday 4/17 due to the Easter holiday. link:

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