131 mass shootings so far in US in 2022…

there have been 131 mass shootings in the US so far in 2022.
it’s worth thinking about, isn’t it? it’s worth our attention, isn’t it? it’s worth our care and effort to resolve, isn’t it?

most rarely make the news. today’s mass shooting in Brooklyn is making the news. 29 victims suffering injury. we see the physical trauma, the blood on the subway floor on the news, but we don’t see the emotional trauma which may take a lifetime of healing.

this country’s love affair with guns (which by any measure are tools of destruction – even in self-defense, hunting, etc.) yet proclamations of loving life and liberty is just so baffling and empty. what about the liberty of the subway passengers or of any citizen who doesn’t want to live in fear of someone gunning them down? some say they just love their guns for sport. that’s also just so empty to me. pick another sport…there are a lot to choose from.

i continue to hope, pray, meditate for, and put my support behind #GunReform. and even more importantly a reformation and transformation of heart and conscience.

i don’t know the legislative answers, but our continued “thoughts and prayers” – a metaphorical throwing our hands up – isn’t actually addressing or trying to resolve it. there has to be room for compromise and common sense and a prioritizing of our fellow citizens’ lives.

may open hearts and sanity prevail.
may all the wounded heal in all ways.
may the perpetrator be found, held accountable, and also be healed.
may all beings and all life be safe, at peace and free from suffering.


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