our words and actions are seeds…

our words and actions
carried on winds of intent
both flowers and weeds.

we should be careful the seeds we plant. all comes to fruition.

when we practice from a clear and steady mind, from an open heart, from a space of empathy and our own genuine warmth, we bring great benefit. our words and actions rippling out upon the sea of life that surrounds us.


#PlantingSeeds #OpenHeart #empathy #kindness #compassion #beauty #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #haiku #enso #JinpaLhaga #JMWart #JMWphotography #photography

2 thoughts on “our words and actions are seeds…

  1. When I began to study and practice I was advised by my teacher to set my motivation first sit of the morning. Asking myself these questions or vowing to do my upmost to use the 3 doors as ethically and warmly as passible for that particular day. Thank you so deeply for your beautiful words. You inspire many of us I’m sure.

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