calm abiding…

remaining calm isn’t the same as indifference or inaction. remaining calm allows for spaciousness of mind, where wisdom can inform our decision making, where we can choose a beneficial action rather than being lost in a thoughtless reaction.

another way to think of remaining calm, is to abide in equanimity. equanimity is being in a state of awareness without being pulled by grasping or aggression. in other words, when we are practicing equanimity, we are practicing the opposite of (what is called in Buddhism) the Three Poisons – ignorance, attachment, and aversion.

when we practice mindfulness awareness meditation, we are embodying equanimity. we sit upright, with our attention on our breath, while also allowing our awareness to be open. we don’t grasp after thoughts, sensations, or feelings, etc. as they arise. likewise, we don’t push them away. this practice is also sometimes called Calm Abiding (Shamatha in Sanskrit).

this is a way, a path we can practice for being beneficially awake in our world 💫



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