dropping the story, dropping the labels…

Taking a walk

I saw

a wildflower.

Not knowing its name

I saw

its beauty only.


Ok-Koo Kang Grosjean


in a relative way, labels have a function and can be useful. we use them to communicate and to understand a particular aspect or aspects of something or someone, but labels are limiting and not representative of the entirety of something or someone, which is to say – the absolute truth, which is far more spacious and expansive than mere words or concepts can hold. the absolute can’t be held (so let go!). 

when we view something or someone, we can also drop the labels, the story, and just experience them.

this can be a practice. dropping our labels and instead, just experiencing something or someone as they are, without thinking, investigating, analyzing, critiquing, judging, and simply allow space for the object or being to speak to us, to reveal themselves to us, to be truly seen by us. 

this is a practice in generosity, allowing space. 

this is a way of loving, of embodying love.



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One thought on “dropping the story, dropping the labels…

  1. Indeed. In subtle ways, putting another into a box does violence to the sacred mystery residing there. It leaves us less free, holding fewer options because we see less of ‘the Real’ before us and our choices become less accurate, less powerful.

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