perhaps one day, Love not war…

this image is inspired from a quick ink drawing i did for Inktober a few years ago. i recreated digitally, to add color and place on products.

i’ve been wrestling with how Love can be a/the short-term solution to our problem of war and violence (and how do we deal with authoritarianism, dictators, and madmen??), while also deeply believing that Love is the long-term answer. there are perhaps no easy or quick answers when dealing with the poisons of ignorance, attachment, and aggression, and the fear, greed, and destruction they birth. so much suffering.

however, this image reminds me that it is the goal and that big hearts have the ability in the long run of making big weapons obsolete. maybe one day. this image also reminds me that the change needed, begins within me. that is where i first have the ability to practice sanity and open-heartedness, to embody love, not being indifferent to suffering or being sedentary. these all begin within my own heart and how i relate to the world.

may each of us be a seed of transformation, a light illuminating darkness, a fierce compassionate force, and a healing balm for the harm and suffering in our world.



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