one foot in front of the other…

in life there will always be change, movement and obstacles. even as life brings changes and obstacles arise on our path, we can still commit to a path of love, of contributing to the healing rather than the harm. we can keep moving and walking towards what is love, what is beneficial.
the path of love is buoyed by practice. when we sit, when we settle down and pay attention to our breath, coming home to our bodies and this moment, when we touch the tenderness and warmth of our own heart and direct that feeling and aspiration to love towards ourselves and others, we support a foundational quality of being that can also be accessed and practiced as we go about our daily lives in situations and conversations.


*if interested in meditation practice, working with your mind and heart, join me this weekend for Self-Care Saturday or Self-Care Sunday at 9am PT. Links below 👍🏻
For Saturday 2/12:

For Sunday 2/13:

#love #metta #lovingkindness #mindfulness #awareness #meditation #OpenHeart #path #practice #JinpaLhaga

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