allowing the rise and fall…

it is a common myth that in meditation practice we are striving to stop thinking or clear our mind of thought.
😳 🤯

there is a different way, however. a middle way that doesn’t push away thoughts (aggression) or grasp after our thoughts (attachment) or hop on the train of thought and not realize we are lost in thought or are here in this place at this moment as we are (ignorance).

we can sit, we can feel our body sitting. we can breathe, we can feel and pay attention to our breathing. we can also be aware of this moment and our surroundings (sight, sound, sensations, emotions, thoughts) as phenomena arises and falls away.

we can learn to be with what is and allow the rise and fall. we have the ability, the capacity to live with such spaciousness. what a lovely way to live! what freedom!

the practice of this, is meditation.


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Image from Tricycle original post on Instagram • @tricyclemag From “Small Mind, Big Mind” by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

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