Dr. King, a prophetic call to conscience…

there will be many inspirational quotes posted today from Dr. King, i’ve posted quite a few of them in my time. reminders that light will overcome dark, that love is the foundation & answer.
all true, but we often fail to go the layer deeper where Dr. King clearly compels us to see that light doesn’t overcome darkness on its own – it only does so through our words, our actions, our work, that love is work.
there are communities, this very moment beginning to ban his work, because of their shadowy ignorance of Critical Race Theory, when this time we are living is the very time we most need his work. Dr. King’s prophetic words on society’s ills, the original sin of racism, the disgrace of poverty, the horrific tragedy of war profiteering, are words we still have yet to really take in, learn, grow, transform to reflect the love we are called to be. Letter From Birmingham Jail should be required reading, not banned.
his words on the silence of the White Moderate, the comfortable, the status quo, what he called “negative peace”, a complacency to not stir the pot (while those at the bottom are getting burned!) is just as relevant today as it was when he spoke/wrote them.
Dr. King got it. he understood that we are deeply, intrinsically interconnected, interdependent. what we do & don’t do affects those around us, especially the most vulnerable who are not protected by a veil of wealth & power, or by the color of their skin. unjust systems/structures, war, climate change – all of these have a weighted impact on marginalized communities. this harm, continuing generational harm, is the result of colonialism which is aggression. our silence, our lack of engagement makes us complicit in the harm. the path of love calls us to speak & act to end aggression, to end such harm.
today, i share Dr. King’s words, to wake up our minds, to call on our hearts to open.
may it be so.


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