a drop of water…

love this quote. pulled it from a wonderful New Year’s post by Jaimal Yogis . there’s a lot in life that needs our attention and it can be overwhelming. we can feel helpless and powerless, but we do have power and we can help. Jaimal’s wise words really center in on those two truths, that we have power (our love) and we can do something (our love embodied in action). but it also offers a third truth that reflects our interdependence, and that is that we are in this together (community / Sangha) and together, we can bring much benefit. i think this is why i still have hope despite what we are facing. i have hope, because i know so many who are willing to connect with and then offer their love to the world. what is the saying? “a drop of water fills the ocean”? yes.

i’m really grateful i stumbled upon Jaimal’s work years ago and connected with him. we’ve yet to meet in person (distance, pandemic, etc.) but he’s an incredibly grounded, authentic, warm-hearted practitioner – author – teacher – producer. check out his documentary Saltwater Buddha and his book by the same name along with his other books: The Fear Project, All Our Waves Are Water, his children’s book series Mop Rides the Waves of Life and Mop Rides the Waves of Change 🌊. AND brand new, his incredible and beautiful (art by Vivian Truong) recently released graphic novel – City Of Dragons: The Awakening Storm 🐉 (second pic).


#presence #love #power #RightAction #sangha #community #interdependence #compassion #OpenHeart #mindfulness #meditation #path #practice #JaimalYogis

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