Sitting With Stars…

i recently completed a couple of commissioned art pieces. one was a calligraphy and enso, which i cannot show, because it is a gift for someone. the other was a commissioned recreation of an Inktober piece i did back in 2018. that year, i did an illustration series that featured a young novice monk, a Zen master cat, and a tag along rat friend. one of the illustrations was the three of them sitting with the night sky filled with stars, with their backs to us. i called it “Sitting With Stars.”

pictured here is the commissioned recreation. i made some changes, placing the young novice monk in the center and having the sky encased/outlined by an enso. i also included the character for “thousand” or “numerous” as a reflection of the vastness of the starry night. 

there’s something stabilizing for me, sitting beneath stars. i feel in awe and incredibly small in this vast universe, yet filled with wonder and gratitude for getting to be part of it, an expression of it, this mystery, Life.
may you find, on your journey, that you too are an expression of Life, a beautiful particular expression indelibly part of something vast and luminous as the stars in the night sky 💫✨


*if interested in commissioned art pieces like this one, reach out, via my website ( or DM.

#stars #night #light #luminous #universe #life #interdependence #contemplation #meditation #Zen #Buddhism #illustration #art #enso #calligraphy #JinpaLhaga #JMWart

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