if not now, when?

if not now, when?

“Like a flash of lightning in a summer cloud…” this is one of the ways our life is described in the Diamond Sutra. bright, electrified with power, stunning even…but brief. i reflected on this thought a couple of days ago on my 47th birthday. as i enter my 48th year on this spinning life-giving and accommodating rock, our home, the previous 47 years seem like a dream.

we put off so much, thinking we have so much time.

in my heart i feel this urgent need to love more fully, more openly, more skillfully. there is so much need in this world. need for healing, need for empathy, need for compassion, kindness, community. we are called to ensure full equality, social justice, and peace. our planet, our home, is crying out for healing action.

what a sacred gift this life is! to be cherished and enjoyed for sure, but also to give, serve, and heal. we have an opportunity to be aware, to practice an open heart, to embody love and harmony. my birthday wish is that we each find a practice that supports our growth in this way, that supports our embodying of love and healing, that supports us being of benefit to a world in need.

if not now, when?



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