who you are, is love…

we may come to meditation practice with thoughts of attaining enlightenment, or adding some sort of special abilities. however, the practice isn’t a practice of attainment or addition. rather, the practice is a path of coming home to ourselves, of coming to know who we really are. it is an unravelling of habits and patterns, it is a practice of inviting what has been running wild, to now settle and relax, of allowing what has been closed to now open. and when we do settle and we do open, when we allow all else to drop away, what we find is that we are quite tender and kind, that at our core there is a natural connectedness and movement, a flowing of love and compassion.

let go and let love flow.~j

#life #compassion #love #meditation #path #practice #NormanFischer #Zen #Buddhism #JinpaLhaga

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