our work, is planting seeds…

it is easy to feel overwhelmed by life events, personally and globally. we can feel like our actions don’t mean much in the grand scale of what is happening, but we shouldn’t underestimate our influence on life around us.

“It only takes one seed to grow a forest.”
~ Matshona Dhliwayo

there’s a concept in Jewish Mysticism, mentioned in the Talmud, of the existence of no less than 36 righteous ones known as the Tzadikim Nistarim (hidden righteous ones) or Lamed Vav Tzadikim (36 righteous ones) whose existence keeps the world from destruction.

in Buddhism, we speak of planting seeds. seeds that will later flower and bear fruit, as conditions arise that support them.

so, though we may not know fully the benefit of our words and actions, when and how they will bear fruit, we continue to do the good work in front of us. knowing the world is relational and interdependent, we plant seeds of kindness, of love, of compassion and nonaggression. we practice to live in a way that is open-hearted, open-handed, and sane, rather than closed, grasping and aggressive.

we live our lives in this way now, moment to moment, knowing that the seeds of mindfulness, of compassion, of lovingkindness, and nonaggression will someday flower and bear fruit that benefits the world. regardless of tradition or no tradition, this work – this work of love, is the work of bodhisattvas.

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