empathy, the antidote for our time…

i think empathy is the antidote to the defiant individualism we are seeing, where so many are acting out of fear of losing and aggression in securing their individual self (family, group, etc) over all others.

defiant individualism is concerned first and foremost with itself as a priority over all else, no matter the cost to others. this can’t really last though, it eventually devolves, because it is a harmful and destructive way to live. the core reason for this, is that it isn’t aligned with life. life is intrinsically interdependent, everything is interrelated and affects everything else in minor and major ways, seen and unseen. so to live life in such a way, brings disharmony and suffering.

empathy on the other hand, is embodiment of awareness of interdependence. your suffering is my suffering. i feel your pain, so i am moved to help you and to relieve your suffering. you feel my pain, so you are moved to do the same. empathy is born out of our tender, vulnerable heart. vulnerability and feeling is actually a strength, not a place of fear. why? because of love. love lives in our tender and vulnerable (yet resilient!) hearts and where there is love, there is no need to fear. but this takes practice – being aware and allowing the heart to stay open. this practice is where humanity is most healthy and can build communities that are healthy, where the health and welfare of all life is a priority.

i created this piece of art titled EMPATHY to embody this view of empathy. where two are joined and appear as one in their empathy for each other. may we all embody such empathy. it very well may be the thing that saves us.

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#empathy #interdependent #life #OpenHeart #love #compassion #vulnerability #resilience #path #practice #EngagedBuddhist #JinpaLhaga #art #JMWart

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