will we choose love of life over comfort?

i’m also not confident that we in the richest industrialized countries are willing to sacrifice in the way needed to mitigate the damaging effects of climate change we have ahead of us, much less avoid the most disastrous effects.

the alarms have been sounding for decades to avoid this & we’ve pressed on w/ insatiable consumption at the cost of life on this planet, including human life in the poorest countries. the harm of a materialistic colonial mindset has come to bear. we are now in an existential crisis. the food chain is already disrupted & extreme weather events have become more regular. it seems to me that the general public (at least in the richest countries) don’t have a grasp at just how bad things will likely get, even w/in the next decade or two.

this will eventually affect everyone, eventually not even wealth will protect against this, but no doubt the poorest countries, the nonindustrialized countries who have not contributed to this crisis, will feel it the worst. even the poor & marginalized w/in the rich industrialized nations will feel it worse. how tragically unfair. this should grieve us.
we will need to learn how to live w/in this time, how to sacrifice comfort & live w/ being uncomfortable. we won’t have a choice. this will be hardest for the richest, the most privileged. to learn to let go.

we haven’t valued, respected or listened to the wisdom traditions of Indigenous communities who have for numerous generations lived in harmony w/ nature.we haven’t loved other life more than our individual comfort & pleasure. there’s a cost for that.

perhaps now though, the direness of this moment will wake us up to love. if we can open our hearts to this moment, allow our natural empathy to arise, perhaps compassion will be our compass & we will do what is needed. if we choose to do this, i still have hope. life is resilient.

Posted @withregram • @bbcnews Former US President Barack Obama has told the COP26 climate conference: “We are nowhere near where we need to be.”

(📷 Reuters)
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