let go…

“In the deepest forms of insight, we see that things change so quickly that we can’t hold onto anything, and eventually the mind lets go of clinging. Letting go brings equanimity; the greater the letting go, the deeper the equanimity.”
~ Sayadaw U Pandita

letting go can sometimes be misunderstood as not caring or being indifferent, but this isn’t the case. if caring for others wasn’t important than there wouldn’t be so much emphasis on lovingkindness & compassion, there wouldn’t be the call to diminish suffering, to bring healing, to stop harm, etc. 

so what are we letting go of? we are letting go of control. we are letting go of the when, where & how. we are letting go of the idea that we know all the answers. instead, we commit to doing good, acting w/ compassion out of our loving open heart & bringing healing where there is harm without trying to manipulate & control life.

life is always changing & rarely goes as we planned. if our happiness & peace depend on life not changing or unfolding just as we think it exactly should, in our ignorance, we are bound to ping pong between grasping at life or becoming aggressive toward life, all of which lead to suffering.

there comes a point, when we tire of insatiable grasping & we tire of being angry at things not being just as we want them to be, how we want them to be, where or when we want them to be. we wake up to the futile game we’ve been playing & we finally breathe out, unclench our hands & we let go. when we are able to do this, we feel lighter, happier, more at ease. we are no longer filtering everything through our grasping or our aggression. we aren’t holding tightly & we aren’t pushing away, our hands are open to receive & release all that life may bring as we live & act w/ openness & love. one can even say, i think, that to love is to stay open, is to let go.

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One thought on “let go…

  1. How true! This reminds me of my endeavor to have a peace mind that experiences just one taste. To train my mind to develop a more virtuous response, or less response to daily living in samsara. Therefore, neither pleasure nor pain have any inherent qualities, so… 1 taste. Am I making sense?

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