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it’s so simple, feels almost too simple really. to just sit and breathe. to do so without goal. to come back to something so natural, sitting and breathing. in our habits and patterns of being busy, of getting lost in or avoiding, we can forget to just allow stillness, to allow the opportunity for relaxation and natural ease and calm.

it is also something that we can have some joy in doing. it doesn’t have to be some epic journey to enlightenment. the simple pleasure of just sitting and breathing, of feeling our body rooted and held by the earth, feeling the calming coolness of air coming into our bodies, the release and freedom of air leaving. this can be quite enjoyable and peaceful.

there’s no reason we shouldn’t have this joy, this peace, this simple pleasure, which is always available. and with practice we can even tap into, settle into this feeling in all kinds of environments. it can be our anchor as Thich Nhat Hanh shares in this quote.


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