simplicity is key…

simplicity is key.

in our discomfort, we often overfill our plates. the more we have or the busier we are, can seem to be better.

however, these can be distractions from actually engaging with our lives in a way that is authentic, revealing, clarifying, and that transforms pain and allows for healing.

the superfluous additions to our material possessions and an overbooked calendar can add unnecessary complications and chaos to our lives which can bring more suffering. the imbalance brings stress, exhaustion, less connection – more suffering.

simplicity allows for life.

it is refreshing and allows for natural cycles and patterns to be seen. it allows wisdom to reveal herself. it assists in calming and steadying our minds, and opening our hearts.

we’ve heard it said, “less is more“ right?

i’ll gladly take more of less!



#simplicity #harmony #balance #wisdom #Ryokan #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga

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