July 4th – may we be what we espouse to be…

the wise and poetic words of Langston Hughes on this July 4th.

may everyone have a safe and enjoyable holiday with family and friends. and in some moment, some quiet moment beyond the celebration may we look deeper with open hearts.

the ideals and principles of this country are worthy of celebration, but as a country, we have not yet reached the ideals espoused and etched in our Constitution. we have not arrived with everyone, for everyone.

yet, the ideals espoused are worth the reach, worth the work, worth the sacrifice. worth defending against destructive forces within and without, and against authoritarianism.

i encourage everyone to read Mr. Hughes’ full poem. it challenges with hard truths, yet inspires with a deep call to action.

in Buddhist circles, some say “Happy Interdependence Day” as a recognition that we are all in this together and no one can nor should be left out.

imagine if people lived in a recognition of the truth of interdependence, the truth of our interconnection with each other and all life?

people wouldn’t have had the need to flee oppressive rule in another country only to come to this land and then colonize and oppress a people who had called this land home for thousands of years before. we must recognize and heal this harm, we must end the pattern of harming.

we have a lot of work to do, but the ideals and principles espoused in the premise of this country and in our Constitution, yet to be realized, must continue to be our goal and our work for ALL people.


#July4th #InterdependenceDay

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