#PrideMonth2021 – you are loved…

it is incredible and inspiring how far things have come. when i was in high school there was not a single LGBTQ+ person out of the closet. we had no gay-straight alliances in school and no positive images in media.

i felt alone, save for the feeling that two of my drama classmates just might be going through the same thing. it wasn’t until college that i connected with a group of friends and the space to allow, to expose my authenticity.

things are quite different now, things are better, a lot better for many of us….but not all. it’s important to realize there are still people who don’t recognize our humanity, our right to exist and love.

and there are many, so many, too many young LGBTQ+ persons who live in an environment of fear, or within a home without love, who worship within a claustrophobic religion, or find they are in a workplace that is hostile. they feel alone and unsafe.

to these persons in our community, young and aged, i say:

Oh Nobly Born,

You who shine light in a myriad of colors,

You who are an expression of beauty,

a manifestation of life,

You who are buddhanature,

awakened and luminous,

You who are teaching the world:

to love better,

to open their hearts,

to see clearly the beauty in diversity,

You are not alone.

You are among the finest.

You are a thread in a lineage of ancestors,

who came before,

and created this space for you

to be loved.

You are loved.


#PrideMonth2021 #PrideMonth #Pride #LGBTQIA #LGBTQ+ #PrideBuddha #Buddha #OpenHeart #EngagedBuddhism #poetry #art #JinpaLhaga #JMWart

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