who are we leaving out?

among, not above.

it can be a revealing and beneficial exercise to take a deep look at and into who we personally (and as a country, a society, a political party, or a religion) leave out.

who falls outside of our circle? who are we okay with being marginalized and oppressed, if it means we feel a sense of safety and security? who are we okay with being powerless if we retain our power? who are we okay with going hungry as long as we have food? some die of thirst while others drown in excess.

ultimately there is no safety or security as long as anyone or any group is left out.

all life has dignity and life calls to be recognized as life and treated as so.

when this isn’t the case, when fear drives action and policy, we see destruction. and we are seeing this everywhere.

love life and live in the truth of interdependence. a society is made of individuals, so lasting change, a change in direction, a change towards love has to include each of us individually.


#interdependence #OneLife #connection #OpenHeart #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga

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