it is said that happiness is always available and is a choice. however, if happiness is dependent on outside circumstances going our way, the way we have planned it in our heads, then we are often disappointment and we suffer. how can we choose happiness if we are residing in a space of disappointment?

one practice i find helpful in finding happiness in the moment, is by finding appreciation OF the moment – of whatever i’m doing. for instance, when we eat, we rarely eat mindfully. we usually shovel food quickly and in large bites into the hole in our face as we work, watch a tv show, etc. however, we can approach our eating (or whatever we are doing) with a quality of appreciation instead of something to just get through or do while we are doing something else.

take this fruit for example. i took a look at the fruit prior to eating, just looking at the texture, the color, the moisture gathered. i was captivated and grateful for this fruit prior to even placing it in my mouth and tasting it. i found that i was quite happy with this simple pleasure, this basic function of eating and consuming nutrients. it became something quite sacred and precious.

now, i could have thought while i was eating about all the things not going my way – and there are quite a few (aren’t there always?!), but instead i just gave my attention to what i was doing, staying present with what was happening and enjoying this aspect of life, which i won’t always get to enjoy, and one day will not get to do or enjoy any longer…at least here in this life. what if this was the last grape, rasberry, blackberry or blueberry i get to eat? did i enjoy it? did i relish in its beauty and its taste?

time moves quite quickly and each moment is its own in a way. enjoy this moment, enjoy the simple pleasures that are available, and embrace happiness.

ps – i took these photos of my fruit so you can enjoy their beauty as well, but you’ll have to get your own to taste! 😂🙏🏻


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