feet push into dirt

between toes grass blades find light

love flows freely here.

our mother, she breathes

in our bottomless hunger

where we hide our fear.

can we love like her

spring’s warmth waking from winter

healing what we love?


we heal what we love, we save what we love.

we have this one home, where our reality is governed by the truth of interdependence. what we do here affects all life here, now and in future generations. what we do here matters.

species are already dying out due to rise in oceanic acidity, changes of temperature and drought. the food chain is breaking apart. we are looking at an end to polar ice caps and an extraordinary rise in sea level, increased famine and displacement that will lead to a further refugee crisis and conflict/war for resources.

the poor and marginalized will be most affected. all of this by mid-century or within 100 years. what will be our legacy? gratuitous greed, consumption and temporary pleasure? if so, the cost will be high and horrifying.

we are not above nature, we are within and are nature. we have the ingenuity and resources to do what is necessary. we just need the conviction and good will to do it.

engage. figure out what you can do, to do your part:

adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet and lifestyle

drive less often

stop or dramatically reduce using plastics

encourage friends to engage

support green companies and activism

and perhaps most important, pressure policy makers to enact robust and immediate changes.

#EarthDay2021 #EarthDay #ClimateChange #nature #life #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #Zen #Bodhisattvas #Ecosattvas #haiku #enso #JMWart #JinpaLhaga

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