Star Trek – Logic Sciences…

Nerd alert.

It has always been clear to me that in the Star Wars universe I’d be a Jedi. Maybe not a Guardian going into battle, but perhaps a Consular, a Seer or Healer…or librarian.

It hasn’t been clear what role I’d be in a Star Trek universe. I grew up on Next Generation, so I felt maybe a bit closer the role of Empath embodied by Counselor Troi. (However, as an actor I’d love to be an alien species and wear prosthetics.)

In watching Star Trek: Discovery – which I love! Currently in middle of streaming season 3 – I believe I have finally found my answer!! In season 2 episode 1, Tilly says to Stamets, “…but then I remembered Brianna in Logic Sciences has two stories on the third level and then it hits me, why does she need all that space? Logic Sciences is basically meditation. I mean I’ve never seen the woman move, so I put her in a utility closet on twelve and I put you in there.”

So there it is, Jaysen Waller, Logic Sciences. Where I basically meditate and never move! Haha 🙂

On a somewhat related note – Yay Science! Creating multiple vaccines in short form and getting it out to millions of people who have now been vaccinated! And yay Space Science with all the cool stuff NASA is doing on Mars!


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