movement and change…

life is constant movement and change. this can be incredibly exciting and can feel like great news when we are dissatisfied with our current situation and want it to change. this can also be upsetting news when we are really enjoying our current situation or experience and it comes to an end. if we don’t like change in any form and are resistant, this can also be uncomfortable and we may work awfully hard at avoiding any change altogether.

in all of these scenarios, we are bouncing around between grasping at what we like and attacking or avoiding what we don’t like. because life is constant movement and change, this can become really disorienting and exhausting.

we have another option though. we can learn to move with life. after all, we are life also. meditation practice can help us see clearly the movement and change of life, its impermanence (which one can also view as potential and opportunity and ever-opening) as thoughts, sensations, emotions, sounds, sights arise and fall away. meditation practice can also help us to see that it is possible to abide in awareness throughout without grasping or becoming aggressive or avoiding, and even deeper still, come to know or remember that we are abiding awareness itself.


#awareness #life #flow #meditation #path #practice #JinpaLhaga

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