be with your life…

a lot of unnecessary suffering and harm comes from not allowing ourselves to fully experience pain and grief. we ignore or push away these experiences and feelings, because they are uncomfortable, and horribly so at times. it’s completely understandable, but the cost can be high. we see the neurosis that can occur, the insanity and sometimes the violence from individuals who have not come to terms with life, with their fear, with their anger, their pain, their suffering. i heard it once said by (i think) Richard Rohr, “what we don’t transform, we transmit.”

but we could take even the smallest brave step toward meeting our life where it is. not just in the happy, easy moments, but also in the sad, tragic and challenging moments. we may find that out of our fully lived human experience, out of our tender, open heart, wisdom arises. the wisdom that arises may give us the insight, the ground upon which we can build more beneficially, remove that which is unskillful and harmful, and reduce suffering for ourselves and others.


#OpenHeart #tenderness #wisdom #heal #transform #SkillfulAction #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga

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