mourning the loss of the 8 lives and those injured in this latest act of domestic terrorism and what appears to be a latest racist attack on our AAPI family and friends in Georgia this evening. these lives lost are lives that are loved and will be missed. their families, their friends, and the lives of those injured will be forever changed.

white supremacist ideology is an affliction in this country that must be rooted out, called out, and exorcised from the highest office in the land using phrases like “the China virus”, to systemic and structural racism, to friends who share racist jokes. don’t allow space for racism. be actively anti-racist. words matter. actions matter.

we must stand with our #AAPI family and friends, speaking out, and taking action to #StopAsianHate.

may hearts open and may sanity prevail.

please visit gofundme.com/aapi to see a list of fully vetted organizations and charities that are supporting victims of violence, increasing local community safety along with organizations to address the broader more systemic problems, so that real lasting change can be created. please consider donating if able 🙏🏻


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