clear seeing…

i love the perspective of mystics, like St. Catherine of Siena. they see in a way that is far more vast, and far deeper than most of us. for them, there is no separation between the sacred and the mundane. from a Buddhist perspective, the underlying nature of all things is luminous, awake and spacious.

but how can we have a perspective that things are this way, when we see so much harm, so much cruelty, so much ugliness at times?

i would suggest that it is the very act of not recognizing things as sacred and luminous, which can be called ignorance, that propels the harm and cruelty we see. if we were to really see others as sacred, the environment as sacred, then maybe we would harm less, we’d care about the person going hungry, living without healthcare, or a home. we’d care about the environment and all the life that depends on it being healthy.

we can practice this perspective, through insight, by uprooting our ignorance and the destructive patterns of attachment and aversion that arise from it. meditation can give us the time and space to practice this.


#sacred #luminous #meditation #insight #path #practice #ChristianMysticism #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga

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