a year into this pandemic, we have now surpassed this grim number, 500,000 lives lost to COVID-19. the highest of any nation on earth, more lives lost than in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam combined.

mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, friends…all lives that loved and were loved, who had dreams, goals, wishes, regrets, and prayers…

please do not become numb to the loss of life, to mass death and the toll it takes on individuals and to us as a community.

so many are tired and weary, this long year taking its toll, but for many moving on is impossible and moving forward, they will never be the same. there is a hole, a deep wound, worthy of our empathy, our compassion and care, our attention and honor.

i have known some who have lost their lives to this virus, and many who have lost family members and friends. this number represents real lives, lives that will be deeply missed.

life does move forward and we too will move forward, but let’s do so honoring those who are no longer present in this space and who will be missed. let’s do so by receiving the vaccine when it is our turn to do so, let’s do so by wearing our masks, and responsibly social distancing.

mass death should not be and is not inevitable.

holding all in my heart with love.


#COVID19 #death #grief #life

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