Ash Wednesday, Lenten Season, and renunciation…

wishing all who observe, a beneficial Ash Wednesday and beginning of the Lenten season!

so many will participate in prayer and renunciation during this period leading up to Easter.

renunciation can really get a bad rap. we rarely want to sacrifice or fast from things. we can change our perspective though. renunciation is really an act of freedom. letting go of things, allowing them to escape our grip, our habit, our patterns, can be extremely liberating. we can approach it with some investigation and curiosity. do i really need this? how do i really feel without it? what are my relationships to things, food, habits, patterns in my life?

renunciation can also be a form of simply reprioritizing what is important and needed in our lives. our letting go, can make room for more beneficial habits and the Lenten season can be a really beneficial period to develop these new, beneficial habits.

we can use this time to reestablish our relationship to ourselves and how we love our life.


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