what seeds are we planting?

we’ve seen very recently how true this is.

seeds of untruth, of conspiracy and aggression came to fruition in the violence we saw on Jan 6th.
seeds of hope, powered by fierce compassion and engagement came to fruition on Nov 3rd and Jan 5th. there’s also another seed that i’ve seen posted this week quite a lot. the seed of cynicism.

here’s the thing. we exhaust ourselves trying to be something, trying to prove our worth, to attain and then hold onto some portion (or all portions for some!) of power. we dream of being super heroes with super powers. and the whole time, we have the greatest powers available right at the end of our tongue and at our finger tips – our words and our actions. what seeds are we planting? what words are we planting? what actions are we planting into this world?

train your mind to be steady, balanced, grounded and spacious. train your heart to be open, tender, warm, and resilient.

what seeds do you want to plant into this flowering garden that is our life?


#PlantingSeeds #TheLongArc #path #practice #bodhisattvas #life #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga

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