we must stand for truth no matter the cost…

i originally wrote the statement and posted the art below 4 years ago on January 11th 2017, just prior to Donald Trump taking office as President, expressing serious concern along with many others regarding the path we were on and where it may lead. what happened on January 6th 2021 although horrifying and of grave concern, was also not altogether surprising. this is where we have been headed, despite the many warnings by so many of us.

we must stand for and shine the light of truth no matter the cost. the alternative is far worse.



Speak no “post-truth”…

The spreading and celebration of incoherency, where all facts and truths are subjective and subject to what serves one’s own agenda from which only oneself and one’s insider family and friends benefit, is a degradation of the morals and ethics upon which the foundation of civilized society is built. This incoherency, rather than mutual understanding and acknowledgement based on facts, spreads unease and fear. A society living with unease and fear is in danger of losing itself in what can be a self-fulfilling abyss of distrust and paranoia. This distrust and paranoia can lead to an increase in greed, aggression, violence, and despair.

Though there may be no real thing such as “post-fact” or “post-truth,” the consequences from practicing such charlatanism can be real and harmful, as we are already witnessing.

Does this sound an alarm?


Then be an unwavering, inexhaustible advocate for truth. Stand and speak up for what is based on fact and not self-serving vagary, beginning with your own speech, writing, and actions. Hope is born on the words and actions of those who stand on the side of what is authentic and true, who call upon the better quality of all people to answer that call, by example. We need these examples, these bodhisattvas, we need to be the embodiment of the hope we seek and a reflection of what is authentic and true.

A “post-fact” and “post-truth” world is a world spinning out of control with no ground beneath it. The world may continue, but we may not. And if we do, we may no longer recognize who we are or what we have become, having only a fuzzy memory of what it meant to be human. A memory the “post-fact” and “post-truth” gatekeepers will slander, as they label it a myth.

But many of us, I hope most of us, will know better and will continue to shed a light of what is factual and true.

Stay awake. Stay aware. Bear witness. Speak truth.



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