gratitude for another trip around the sun…

like most things in life, gratitude is a practice. perhaps one of the most important, since it has a way of subtly coloring our perspective on all areas of our life.

practicing gratitude is made all the easier when we are surrounded and supported with such immense love and friendship as i have been.

thank you all for your many birthday wishes and kind, generous words. i am so grateful.

on this past Thursday, December 17th, i turned 46 in honor and celebration of our newly elected 46th President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (and also because i was born in 1974). it’s a what will hopefully be a fresh start, a new opportunity for better things to come. life is always offering us such opportunity and moments, but it is easier to see sometimes on a grander scale.

i had a beautiful day. i am fortunate enough to be quarantined with family and they made my day truly wonderful, filled with good meals (french toast breakfast from my sister and Chipotle’s for dinner from my parents) and a fun ice cream/donut party with my nieces and nephews. i also got to participate in a three hour meditation session with some of my fellow meditation teacher trainees from Tibet House. the day was concluded (as always) with a Star Wars movie.

this life passes so quickly. turning 46 can put a perspective on that, but time means loses its hold when one feels and knows love.

wishing you all the same, not just on your birthdays, but every day!


#gratitude #birthday #46 #love #life #Zen #enso #JMWart #JinpaLhaga

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