the work of love…

rather than merely some romantic expression or light sentiment, love is a prime agent of transformation and change. love is both the fuel and the vehicle (we call compassion). this love is found in our hearts. our work, is to keep our hearts open through all the experiences in this life, so that love can be free and flow. this is work. hard work. brave work. dirt beneath the nails kind of work and we begin with ourselves.

I read once that transformation comes from either great suffering or great love. the world has enough pain and loss, and our minds in relationship to these create enough suffering, so we don’t need to contribute to suffering. our role is to contribute to love and life being loved. our work is keeping our hearts open and helping others to do the same.

genuine transformation and lasting change happens at the heart level. our hearts, our family’s hearts, our community’s hearts, our nation’s hearts, our world’s hearts.

not everyone is ready or willing to do the work on themselves, so pain continues, suffering continues. that’s ok. we who are ready and willing, do the work. the work is never really done, but we continue because the work is worthy in and of itself. by its very nature, the work of love is worthy.

an additional point: we don’t wait for everyone’s hearts to change so harm ends. while we do the work of keeping our hearts open, of embodying love, to allow love to flow, to benefit others and bring about genuine transformation and change, we can still put pressure on elected officials to enact policies that benefit and do not harm, we can still advocate through nongovernmental organizations to bring about benefit and ending harm. those actions are also actions of love, and voting can also be an act of love.

let’s do the work. the world needs it, life depends on it.


#VOTE #SpeakOut #SitDownRiseUp #EngagedBuddhism #bodhisattvas #love #JinpaLhaga

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