“we”, not “me”

This quote deeply resonates.
We’ve been duped by Western idolization of the individual and an ideology of prosperity gospel.
None of us do this or get through this life alone, on our own merits. I applaud goal setting, a strong work ethic, and an opportunity to rise, and I support a healthy sense of pride in good work, and goals accomplished. It is important, however, to be ever aware of all the help and provision along the way. From our conception and birth to parents nurturing, to nature with farmers and grocers providing sustenance for our physical well-being, and teachers supporting and providing for our mental, intellectual, emotional well-being, to our employers who hire and take a chance and our coworkers/colleagues who share in the work – we don’t get to where we are without help. 
The “I” is a myth. The truth is “We.”
The idea that the most basic needs in our society – food, shelter, health care – continue to be merit based is an act of cruelty and wounds our humanity, individually and collectively.
We must ask ourselves, “What does a loving society look like?” Does a loving society allow hunger, starvation, homelessness and avoidable sickness or death?
Love is within us and knows what to do, but we are often blinded by fear. When we are finally able to remove our fear (need for security and control), our sight becomes clear and we can recreate a society of love. I’m not saying this is easy or without deep lasting effort/work, I’m saying it is necessary.


#Interdependence #sangha #community #WeNotMe #practice #EngagedBuddism #JinpaLhaga

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