it’s up to us…

“The actions, thoughts, and words of each of us are important. All of us together are making the world. So we have to ask ourselves: “How am I living? What kind of actions am I taking? Am I a force for good in the world or am I just another person doing nothing to help and therefore making things worse?”

~ Norman Fischer

we are interdependent with other people, this world, and all life.

it is through our words, our actions, our voices, our hands, that healing, generosity, equality, justice, beauty, kindness, compassion, and love manifest.

we have a responsibility to speak up, to rise up and end the harm we see, to be a force for healing and hope in this storm of suffering.


#SitDownRiseUp #BeTheGood #EmbodyLove #FierceCompassion #Bodhisattvas #EngagedBuddhsim #Zen #enso #JMWart #JinpaLhaga

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