kindness doesn’t empower hatred…

we think we like kindness and want kindness, but for many of us if we take an honest look, we will see that what we really want is “niceness.”

niceness floats on the surface hoping for a smooth ride, but kindness goes deep below.

niceness protects the status quo, kindness upends it, breaks it up.

kindness sees the harm and wants to end it, especially necessary when it sees the harm coming from positions of authority and power.

kindness goes deep to the heart of the reality that is happening to find the cruelty and end it, to find the suffering and heal it.

kindness is justice.

kindness is liberation.

kindness is love in action.


#BlackLivesMatter #NoJusticeNoPeace

#kindness #love #healing #PlantingSeeds #TheLongArc #EngagedBuddhism

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