we practice for the world and all of life…

Even if you practice zazen so earnestly that you break through the floor, if your practice is only for yourself it will come to nothing.


Zen Master Dogen

“off the mat into the world”…”sit down, rise up”….

the quote and phrases above note the distinction between meditation as just self-help (which can also be a good thing) and as a practice and path to relieve suffering for all.

in Buddhism meditation practice is inextricably tied to ethics as a path to waking up. we are interdependent in our existence and we are a community in our waking up. the core of the practice is one of compassion, toward oneself and all life to relieve suffering. how can we leave anyone out?

when we sit, we not only sit for ourselves that our hearts may continually open and our minds may be calm and steady, but also for the rest of the world and all life, that we may be instruments of love and peace.


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