always free to choose love…

in quarantine, in self-isolation, or social distancing we may feel like our freedom has been limited and in some ways, it has. we can use this experience to empathize with and cultivate compassion for others who have had their freedom stripped away. feeling this connection we may practice our meditation dedicating it to them, offering prayers for them, or this may motivate us to work for or support organizations that work for their freedom.

but this is outer-freedom. what about inner-freedom?

inner-freedom is not dependent on outer circumstances. inner-freedom is the seat within where we always have a choice on how we respond to life as it is in this moment and one of those choices can be to keep our hearts open and choose to love.

what does loving look like in quarantine, in self-isolation, in social distancing? what does it look like to choose love in this situation, within these circumstances? what does it look like to exercise this freedom, to practice this love?

these are questions we can ask ourselves and practice with.


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