aggression is not the same as transformation…

though anger can be a powerful motivator – the kick in the butt we need to move out of apathy and into action, if not tended to with love and transformed into a fierce and even forceful compassion, anger leads to aggression. aggression is poison. fierce and forceful compassion is not the same as aggression.

we cannot fight aggression with aggression. aggression feeds on more aggression.

desire for control of power is aggression. this is not the same as transformation.

if we cannot see this, if we cannot wake up to this, if the fruit of our movement – no matter the initial intention – becomes aggression, then we have already failed.

we must be honest with this, we must be authentic, if we truly desire transformation.


#transformation #TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #nonaggression #nonviolence #FierceCompassion #power #anger #vote #Election2020 #EngagedBuddhist

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