heeding the call…

…i feel like the call has been ringing off the hook for the past 3 to 4 years, but now is as good a time as any…and probably even better.

please keep shining light, please keep love and justice as your compass, please act out of a fierce compassion, please use your voice for the targeted and oppressed, please connect with your relationships during this time, please engage with community, please still find some stuff funny and laugh, please take walks in nature – Life is still happening and beauty still exists.

please #VoteBlue no matter who.

we are in this. this isn’t going to be easy. history is watching. future generations will read about this era – the harm, but also the heroism.

in solidarity and peace


#HeedTheCall #TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #EngagedBuddhist #Bodhisattvas #Sangha #community #light #love #compassion #democracy #JinpaLhaga

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