may their hold on power end

every amendment from the House Managers asking to admit new testimony, documents, and issue of subpoenas for high level witnesses – tabled.

White House counsels blatantly lying on Senate floor (unlike Senators they aren’t under oath – so why not lie?), in contradiction with established evidence/facts with the ugliest of dramatic flair playing to their tweeting would be ruler.

it’s surreal watching our democracy fall deeper into darkness, each passing moment with this President in power, and a capitulating, enabling GOP abandon their oaths of office, our country, our democracy.

this is beyond the normal partisan politicking. for whatever reason, they are all in with this President and have wagered that hell isn’t so hot.

reminder: families are still being separated, children are still being pulled from parents’ arms and put in detainment.

as i tweet to the President and GOP quite often:

“power doesn’t last.”

may their power end very soon and may we have the integrity and honor to say we stood up, spoke up, and worked in this dark time to end harm, and bring light.


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