a state of peace: letting go of fear, anger, and aggression

Is peace something you get, or is peace something you are? If you can get it, you can lose it. If you are it, it is never gone.


Scott Shaw

our practice can be one of expanding the spaciousness of our hearts, opening our hearts wider and wider, a practice where we are cultivating peace within our hearts, a peace not dependent on outside circumstances. rather, a peace that we find has been in our hearts all along, a peace we notice when we finally stop for a while, when we finally let go, let be, allowing our thoughts to arise and fall away.

what are we left with when we finally allow such tenderness, such vulnerability to reveal itself, to be recognized, and valued, when we aren’t trying to ignore, avoid or go to war?

and far from being inactive, this state of peace frees us to act beneficially, without the burdensome load that fear, anger and aggression carry.


#peace #TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #EngagedBuddhist #JMWphotography #JinpaLhaga

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